New tour dates

Get your calendars and pens: We have entered all our set concert dates in our calendar – including Majo solo and Ireland. Of course we’ll add all new dates as soon as they are set. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Acoustic Winter 2017

Thrilled to announce that One Eye Open will perform at the Acoustic Winter 2017 Jan14th in Düsseldorf along with Mark Geary, Grainne Hunt, Ray Wilson ( Genesis+ Stiltskin ), Chrissi Poland, The Sins of My Youth, Janna Leise, Jann Winterson and others! This will be a very special evening so don’t miss it! TICKETS for […]

Our current tour dates

Of course you can check the calendar here on our website – but we also have this flyer as an additional service for a better overview of the locations we’ll play in autumn/winter!